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Shopping for the lowest mortgage rate online
The internet isn’t the friend it once was to people looking for the lowest mortgage rate.All the mortgage-rate comparisons you’ll ever want to see are available online, but there’s an increasingly...
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The Canadian economy and the housing market
We are living in strange times, economically speaking. Mortgage stress tests have slowed the housing market and may be one of the reasons the Bank of Canada has signaled it may pause on increasing...
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History of Mortgage Rule Changes in Canada
The most extraordinary thing about Canadian real estate is how it has shrugged off rule change after rule change in the mortgage market.We’ve seen governments impose over 60 housing finance...
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Budgeting for Home Ownership
Budgeting for Home OwnershipSmart budgeting is required when buying your home. Saving the down payment and crunching numbers helps determine how much mortgage you can afford. But the costs don’t just...
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