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What's YOUR best mortgage rate? 20 Questions to Answer
20 Questions to Answer to Get Your Best Mortgage RateFactors such as good credit scores, purchase price and amortization lengths are more important nowadays with the new mortgage rules. “What’s your...
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Is Paying Your Mortgage Down Aggressively a Good Idea?
Last year a third of mortgage holders in Canada chose to pay their mortgages aggressively, which is to say they paid more than the amount required.Instinctively it would make sense to pay off your...
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How to Save Money at Renewal
The new stress testing rules, rising interest rates and the increase in mortgage renewals can make refinancing your mortgage more expensive and complicated. It is always important to consider your...
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Canada set to grow in different ways
The Canadian economy is poised to grow again, but in a very different way according to the Bank of Canada’s (BoC) recently-released Monetary Policy Report. The BoC expects global economic growth to...
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